tn__DCH8467(Photo by Derek Hui)
Little Freelenser is run by a Toronto based photographer and graphic designer, Jason Shum. He is very passionate about capturing stories and emotions of people. Aside from wedding photography, he also has experience in various fields of photography, including fashion, real estate, food, product, and commercial photography etc.
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Little bit more about Jason,
Although Jason went to University of Toronto to study business and biology, he never forgot his passion for photography, art and design. In late 2009 he received his first DSLR camera, d40x from his father as a gift for which he was and still is really grateful. Since then photography has given him the means and the opportunities to connect with other people, to notice things that are usually overlooked and to explore the world in a sublime dimension. Whether it’s capturing stories or creating artistic photos with unique vision, there’s nothing he can become more thrilled about than creating meaningful images.