Apr 072013
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Hmmmm where should I begin with this…I feel like there’s so much I can talk about. I met Marthy because of a wedding through a video production team. Ever since then, we have worked together in many occasions, from film set, weddings to corporate events (he does the videos and I take care of the photos). In fact Marthy himself is actually a very knowledgeable and talented photographer too (his technical knowledge might be above me), thus I’m glad he trusted me to be his photographer on his big day. As for Diane, even though I had only met her a few times before the wedding, her humour and her straight forward attitude never failed to pull people closer to her. It was a simple wedding held at the Toronto City Hall but it was a very heart-warming one. Everyone felt like being part of the family already.


Videography: http://sdeweddings.com/



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