Feb 162013
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A fashion-ish portrait session with Gita and this was the first outdoor and winter photoshoot for her. Winter light always seems to be nice as fill lights are naturally reflected everywhere from the snow. Although, sometimes it can become too bright, making it hard for us to see lol.

tn_20130216-Gita-3 tn_20130216-Gita-4 tn_20130216-Gita-18 tn_20130216-Gita-19 tn_20130216-Gita-20 tn_20130216-Gita-23 tn_20130216-Gita-27 tn_20130216-Gita-28tn_20130216-Gita-38 tn_20130216-Gita-40 tn_20130216-Gita-45



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