Oct 282012
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tn_Joseph Baptism-107

I love seeing familiar faces. I’m not sure how many¬†occasions¬†I’ve photographed for this big family already, and they keep telling me I’m already part of the family. Not so long ago, I photographed Abigail’s baptism. At that time Joseph was just a newly born baby. He has grown quite a bit since then. Sometimes I feel that even though I’m just the photographer, I surely do enjoy the moment of seeing these kids growing up.

tn_Joseph Baptism-109tn_Joseph Baptism-117tn_Joseph Baptism-124tn_Joseph Baptism-136tn_Joseph Baptism-138tn_Joseph Baptism-144tn_Joseph Baptism-179tn_Joseph Baptism-186tn_Joseph Baptism-197tn_Joseph Baptism-200tn_Joseph Baptism-208tn_Joseph Baptism-229tn_Joseph Baptism-275tn_Joseph Baptism-284tn_Joseph Baptism-302



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