Nov 052013
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tn_t&l_00Guess what? Daniel and Iulia, and myself, we all went to the same high school except they were a year or two ahead of me. It brings me back a lot of memories thinking about the courses Daniel and I took together, trigonometry, physics, chemistry and biology in high school. All those times of joking around in classes, copying his notes and constantly asking him for help for the questions I couldn’t solve. Iulia was Daniel’s high school sweetheart and they’ve been together ever since. I didn’t know Iulia back in high school, but a few years later when Daniel introduced her as his fiance, I couldn’t be anymore excited about meeting her. ¬†Earlier this year we talked about having their engagement session during the fall season, and here we have it at High Park. Even though it was raining heavily on the day, I love it when they went all the way out to get wet for creativity in such weather, it’s almost like the famous scene from the movie “The Notebook”. (PS.Daniel is also a talented drummer from¬†8oz soul!)
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