Nov 052013
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tn_t&l_00Asian weddings can sometime become hectic with countless of events taking place in one day, but it’s also very eventful so it’s always fun for us to photograph, and at the end of the day we would all carry a smile on our face just thinking it back. Thuy and Luong’s wedding was no exception and was my first wedding I’ve photographed in Hamilton. Thuy is always very sweet who’s constantly thinking about others and treats everyone like a good friend of hers. I still remember how Thuy got a bit upset when we didn’t get a chance to have a dinner together after their engagement session. And for Luong, he really knows how to relax and always carries a smile on his face. Once again, congratulation to Thuy and Luong A special thanks to Phinam Dang for helping out as second shooter.

Church: Paramount Drive Alliance Church
Restaurant: Kingsley Chinese Restaurant
Videography: SDE Weddings

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